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Human Rights for All Ages Campaign:
Breaking the Dichotomy

Human Rights used to mean that all human beings were entitled to "unalienable" rights, such as the right to life. In recent times, however, the label "human rights" has been appropriated by those who promote abortion so that the decision of a mother to kill her own child is being promoted as a "human right", rather than as a gross violation of human rights. Unfortunately, we have allowed this grisly phenomenon to take place virtually unchallenged, and now we find ourselves in the position of standing in opposition against those who claim to stand for "human rights"! How absurd! We who are fighting the greatest human rights cause on the earth today are pitted against those who claim to be standing for human rights! But most importantly, how horrific! Another way of thinking of this is that there is a dichotomy that has arisen between those who claim to stand for human rights and those of us who are actually doing so. This is a dichotomy that needs to be broken!           --- Read more about Breaking the Dichotomy....

We will not end the tragedy of abortion until we stand up and challenge this dichotomy - this perception that "human rights" groups support a woman's "right to choose" and that we who support the preborn are some other kind of fringe group. We have to stand up and make it clear that killing children in the womb is a violation of human rights, not a human right itself!

There are two ways the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign is doing this:


We have to challenge the groups that claim to be "human rights" groups and let them know that they cannot claim to support human rights while they tolerate or even promote killing young human beings.

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We have to stand up and let it be known that it is those who are fighting for the rights of preborn human beings who are the true human rights advocates of our day.

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(Signing up costs nothing, but does require a commitment to contact at least one so-called "human rights" organization
and encourage them to stand up for the human rights of the preborn.)

Check out the websites of these great organizations that endorse the campaign:

Read our Mission Statment.

See news stories related to abortion and human rights.

A Human Rights Question

Besides the two areas above, we need to target the educational system in relationship to abortion and human rights. Although this is not yet a focus of the campaign, we need to start assuring that our educational system provides the truth about the reality of this human rights horror. At present, it does not!

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We CAN end abortion, but we need to challenge the thinking about human rights that abounds out there.

"The concept of human rights ultimately rests on the premise that there are some things that ought to be done for human beings and other things that ought not to be done to human beings in light of the fact that they are human." -Ari Kohen, In Defense of Human Rights

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