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Campaign Leg #1


We have to challenge the groups that claim to be "human rights" groups and let them know that they cannot claim to support human rights while they tolerate or even promote killing young human beings.

For decades now human rights has (rightly) been a paramount concern in our world. We have human a rights movement, human rights law, human rights monitors, human rights reports, a Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, an Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the U.N. Human Rights Council, the American Convention on Human Rights, the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, the Polish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, and a multitude of private organizations that have arisen to address what they see as human rights issues.

Yet are you aware that most organizations that are referred to as "human rights organizations" do not oppose the killing of preborn human beings? Indeed, many of them actually support the killing! Can you believe that? Supporting killing in the name of human rights! Unbelievable, but it is true! Even the United Nations is taking the stand that the right to kill your preborn child is a "human right"! And this is a major problem for us. In the eyes of the public (and governments, and intergovernmental agencies), these groups are the advocates of human rights. Ask a friend of yours to name a human rights organization. Will he or she name National Right to Life, American Life League, Human Life Alliance or any other organization dedicated to ending abortion? I doubt it very much. I would almost guarantee that he or she would name Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, both organizations which promote killing preborn human beings! As long as groups that are recognized as advocates for human rights support abortion, how will we ever convince people that this is the worst human rights violation of all?

We have to counter this appalling trend if we are going to end abortion. One leg of the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign is to stand up to those who promote killing in the name of human rights and demand that they truly stand up for human rights for all people, regardless of age, stage of development or state of dependence. Will we succeed in changing their minds? Maybe. Maybe not. But more importantly, we will make it clear to the public that it is those who support the rights of the preborn who are the true champions of human rights - not those who promote killing. We need to challenge the "prevailing paradigm". If we are not out there actively challenging them people will just assume that these "human rights" groups are correct that abortion itself is a human right (and that those "right-to-lifers" are just a "fringe group").

Please use the links and information below to contact these organizations and tell them that they need to truly support human rights by standing up for those who are being killed only because they are still living in their mothers' bodies. I encourage everyone who visits this page to contact at least some of the organizations listed below to let them know that it is not okay to support killing little human beings. (I have prepared some sample messages if you would like to use them to inspire you, but I encourage you to write with your own words).



NOTE: The tables below contain contact info for each organization. I highly encourage everyone, however, to actually visit the website of each organization you contact so that you can personalize your message specifically to that organization. I provide a brief suggestion of what I see as the main focus of each organization, but that is only my perception, so you really should visit their sites and draw your own impressions. One thing I recommend is that you always include a statement of your admiration or support for whatever aspect(s) of their work that you do support. This will go a long way toward getting them to listen to you when you give your "spiel".

For each organization that takes a position on abortion, the organization's name links to a page that indicates that organization's position on the issue. Organizations' names that have "(implied)" written after them do not make a real clear statement, but I believe I am able to judge their position from the page linked to. You can, of course, use your own judgment if you think mine is incorrect.


Based in the United States:

Organization Contact (electronic) Phone Focus
Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation (implied) 202-465-7184 Promote human rights and democracy in Iran
Anti-Defamation League Fight anti-Semitism/bigotry
Colombia Support Network 608-257-8753 Peace and community support in Colombia
East Timor Action Network 718-596-7668 Self-determination and human rights for East Timor
Freedom House 202-296-5101 Support freedom, human rights and democracy around the world
Global Exchange 415-255-7296 Promoting global social, economic and environmental justice
HealthWrights Advancing the health, basic rights, social equality, and self-determination of disadvantaged persons
Human Rights Education Associates 617-301-4379 Education/training to promote understanding, attitudes and actions to protect human rights
Human Rights First (implied) 212-845-5200 Pressuring government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law
Human Rights Watch 212-290-4700 Protecting the human rights of people around the world
InterAction 202-552-6554 Eliminate poverty, uphold human rights, safeguard a sustainable planet & ensure human dignity
International Action Center 212-633-6646 Oppose U.S. wars abroad while fighting racism and economic exploitation of workers here at home
The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights 510-428-3939 Advance racial and economic justice for low-income people and people of color
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee 617-868-6600 Advance human rights and social justice in the United States and around the world
Witness 718-783-2000 Use video and storytelling to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses
Witness for Peace (implied) 202-547-6112 Change U.S. policies & corporate practices that contribute to poverty & oppression in Latin America

Based outside of the United States:

Organization Contact (electronic) Phone Focus
Amnesty International +44-20-74135500 Campaign to end grave abuses of human rights
Heinrich Boll Foundation +30 - 285 34 - Promote ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, self-determination and justice


Based in the United States:

Organization Contact (electronic) Phone Focus
Committee of Concerned Scientists Support human rights in general, and particularly by and for scientists
Global Education Associates 212-870-3290 Ecological integrity, peace, human rights & democratic participation, esp. for marginalized people
Plowshare Peace and Justice Center 540-989-0393 Work for peace and justice for all beings
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition 773-373-3366 Protect civil rights and advocate for peace and justice
The Quixote Center 240-770-5347 Multi-issue; Catholic social justice tradition
Youth for Human Rights International 323-663-5799 Teach youth about human rights and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace

Based outside of the United States:

Organization Contact (electronic) Phone Focus
Friends of the Earth International 31 20 622 1369 Campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues
The Rights Practice +44 20 7236 4343 Work to realize international human rights standards and strengthen accountability

And finally, remember that this is only the beginning. It will take a watchful eye to keep up with efforts by these organizations to promote abortion. (Check out the latest news on what is happening.) They need to be confronted every time they try to pass off abortion as a "human right". Please come back often and keep fighting to turn this around. I have prepared a list of things that we can do to push this campaign and promote the human rights of the preborn on an ongoing basis.

"I remember in particular a story by Bob Woodward in 1989 disclosing that to US Supreme Court justices who played a major role in Roe V Wade decision had conceded, in private memos, that they knew they were 'legislating policy and exceeding [the court's] authority as the interpreter, not the maker, of law.' If a journalist of Woodward's stature had discovered private memos showing, say, the justices knew they were 'exceeding the court's authority' in the Webster decisionů The media would have swarmed all over the story. Except for a brief mention in Newsweek three months later, the major national media didn't touch it." -David Shaw, LA Times journalist

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